Author Topic: LCR Distributive Capacitance FAIL!  (Read 1096 times)

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LCR Distributive Capacitance FAIL!
« on: August 13, 2013, 04:20:02 pm »
So anybody in the audio transformer business knows the importance of determining distributive capacitance.  BK Precision discontinued the 858 handheld LCR which had the outstanding feature of recognizing an inductor was connected and while measuring capacitance would read effective distributive capacitance. Really the only notable feature of the thing. Its replacement the 878 and its variants to my disappointment will not do this! I have a call into them just in the event I have a case of Op Manual Blindness but in my sorrow/pity period of having to actually calculate distributive capacitance (Not sexy in any way) I figure I would hack out a complaint here in the event somebody has a easy solution to my problem. I actually stormed ebay to purchase some used 858's so my life may continue, for a while.

Net result. They got rid of the one useful novel feature and gave us a "better" meter with some fancy usb functionality and no real improvement in its performance. It is possible that distributive capacitance may be accessible via the USB/software connection, but the whole point of a hand held meter is just that. Hand held!

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