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 Hello everybody

I am really interesting to invest some money for a good LCR meter. I own a Peak LCR which is nice but it has the problem to wait for 5 sec before you can get the result on your screen. Now in the case of SMD components in circuit that is loosing of time. As I 've noticed Agilent's LCR meter is promoted thouroughly but it seems that it's not the best choice or better say value for money. Does someone has a better LCR to propose me in this group of price (Agilent). Thanks :D

I suggest the IET Labs DE-5000  It is around $335.00   I have had one for about 2 years and am very happy with its performance.

Search the forum for "LCR" and you will find lots of other meters and opinions

Thanks a lot robrenz!

I 'll take it into consideration ;)

Why do electronics engineers use handheld tools?  A lab lcr meter will be more useful ib my opinion.  Are they more expensive?

IMO the accuracy of the better hand held LCR meters is more than sufficient for the vast majority of measurements needed  in the average lab. Some more expensive bench meters are not more accurate anyhow.  How often do you realy need better than 0.3 to 1.0 % accuracy on capacitance or inductance?


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