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Lecroy 9400A Options
« on: June 25, 2013, 12:58:01 pm »
Hi, i have a 9400a and thought  FFT would be nice to have. So i want to add them. For the 94xx you have a gal to program in the 9400 you have to rewrite the eprom.
There are 8 rom (6x 7256 2x 2716b) on the board, does somebody has the bin files with the options enabled, and has some information on how to do it? In the Yahoo Group are files for the 9400 but i dont think these are the same.


In the Lecroy Yahoo Group i found the post below.
Hello All,

 It appears from my research that the 9400/9400A do not use the GAL method to
 enable the WP01 and WP02 firmware options.

 Both of these options require the appropriate firmware (at least version 2.06AV
 for WP01 and 2.06FT for WP02). In addition the GPIB interface must be fitted
 with the additional on-board 0.5MB SRAM.

 The details regarding this are in the 9400/9400A service manual available on the site in the LeCroy manual section.

 Unfortunately if you do not have the GPIB option installed on these scopes you
 cannot upgrade them to WP01 or WP02.

 That is all I know about this.If anyone has any experience with this feel free
 to chime in.


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