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Let’s Talk About LeCroy Scopes, AKA… the “Wuerstchenhund Holds Court” Thread

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Electro Fan:
This thread is intended to stimulate a discussion of LeCroy scopes.  Since LeCroy offers a fairly good size product family the WaveSurfer 3024 is proposed as an initial reference model to help people get oriented to the overall LeCroy product family.  Other models might be more or less capable, older, newer, etc.  – but the 3024 (and the 3000 series) looks to be a good starting point in understanding LeCroy scopes.

A few basic introductory things about the 3024:

4 analog channels seems to be generally preferred but for 2 channel requirements there is the 3022

Touch screen, mouse capable, and conventional UI (see “Maui” UI)

MSO capability – seems to offer not only mixed use (including 16 digital channels) but also pretty good review functions; the toolset and history mode also look interesting

As with other products from other manufacturers the documentation and videos, etc. can be compelling but until you actually use a product it’s hard to know what is really what.  So questions from potential new users and feedback from existing users would be great.

Net, net:  Given all the Rigol, Agilent/Keysight, Tektronix, etc. discussions around it would be interesting and useful to better understand the MSOs and DSOs from LeCroy.

Without further ado, here is the “Let’s Talk About LeCroy Scopes”, AKA… the “Wuerstchenhund Holds Court” thread. :clap:

All info, comments, questions, etc. regarding LeCroy scopes welcome. :-+

I looked at the Wavesurfer 3000 but what put me off is that the MSO + decoding options made the 4 channel 200MHz model almost twice as expensive  :palm: The price difference will be worse with lower bandwidth and less channels. Getting a second hand Agilent DSO7000 series made more sense to me in the end.

Can't beat 1ghz ABW for $500.

How much of an afterthought is the MSO capability? In some 2nd hand scopes I looked at it seemed to be a USB peripheral.

KO4BB and a few others had pulled the pages from my website where I restored my 7200s and archived them.  These may be viewed here:


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