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Lists of Siglent SCPI commands
« on: September 02, 2018, 03:43:35 pm »
During my Siglent FWs analyses I had the need to investigate some of the SCPI commands built-in in the equipments that were not listed/documented anywhere.

Sometimes, having a quick look at the list of SCPI commands available may provide us with some ideas on what we can get from the equipment and how we can remotely interact with it.

Attached I will include the list of commands I extracted from several Siglent equipments. If this can be useful for anyone else, cool.  :)

The SDS1000CML+/CNL+FW is specially usefull in understanding most of their behaviour and syntax. At the time, I only looked at the ones that interested me.

Warning: They were extracted automatically so there may/must be a few errors, absences, etc, but they are the most accurate I could get.

Many of them are documented throughout Siglent manuals (some more that others) but there are some interesting ones that aren't.  ;)

Also, some lists include the GET ("?") and the SET versions of the command, others only have the generic command (there may exist both SET and GET versions).

(work in progress...)
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