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LOL Agilent-like oscilloscope from China

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Maybe after 10 year from now agilent will copy rigol and do funky equipment


--- Quote from: pickle9000 on May 19, 2013, 05:28:27 am ---I do agree the other stuff (scope etc look very nice, excellent in fact). But that power supply is like a pizza that won't stay down.

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next up after colour lcds on psus: touch screen psus.


--- Quote from: Fsck on May 19, 2013, 09:44:19 am ---next up after colour lcds on psus: touch screen psus.

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I am actually surprised we haven't seen many cheap rubbish touchscreen-only (no knobs) instruments until now. There are these nano DSOs, but that's about it. Smart phones and tablets made touchscreens a cheap consumer technology. Stuff like this (1080P 4GB 4.3" touchscreen video player) can be had for for $30. But for some reason the technology doesn't appeal to the cost-obsessed junk instrument manufacturers.

And it's quite amazing if you think about it, B@W. Rotary encoders are more or less expensive mechanical parts and these resistive touch screens can be had for the price of a single encoder.

Oh, I prefer buttons to touchscreens... My DSOX2002A is so intuitive that you can use it even without looking at the button panel. You use only your sense of touch.
There are scopes with touchscreen, but they still have knobs.


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