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LOL Agilent-like oscilloscope from China

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--- Quote from: Hydrawerk on May 19, 2013, 02:31:40 pm ---Oh, I prefer buttons to touchscreens...

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So do I. E.g. I hate USB oscilloscopes. One reason for that is that they don't have knobs.

But the point was that junk instrument manufacturers are cost-saving crazy, and don't care much about ergonomics. So it is a bit surprising that there is no wave of touchscreen-only instruments from these manufacturers.

--- Quote ---There are scopes with touchscreen, but they still have knobs.

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Yes, I know, e.g. from R&S. But they have "everything", touchscreen, traditional knobs and allow to connect a keyboard and mouse.

They probably don't like to innovate all that much... "since the western scopes (Agilent, Tek, LeCroy, etc.) all have knobs, ours should too".

Although pinch-to-zoom to adjust the timebase and V/div scales might not be all that bad for the iPad-using crowd... no, I'd still want knobs for everything else.

One may consider that e.g. for Android tablets, designers are looking at housing a generally generic PC that can run the OS, so most R&D is in ergonomics, size and power reduction; they can easily contract subsystems for bluetooth, wifi, USB etc.,. already used by other makers that in economies of scale, can make them affordable to include.  But in T&M, a good fraction of a design budget is in fundamental measuring capabilities, say as a DSO, plus regulatory approvals are far more taxing to pass if not more numerous.  Add to it, the T&M market is smaller, the device service life longer, and the actual experienced device designers for that type of gear, much less numerous.


--- Quote from: eevblogfan on May 17, 2013, 08:26:32 pm ---
second - in my opinion rigol is not chinese , rigol is the US presentersin china  :clap: ( Kiethely yokogowa and Yamaha are good chinese companies which in my opinion are high end and some good value per $$ )

rigol is some good company - they are good competitors and high value in my opinion

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Umm Keithley is an American company and I'm pretty sure Yokogowa and Yamaha are Japanese...


--- Quote from: Bored@Work on May 19, 2013, 10:44:52 am ---Stuff like this (1080P 4GB 4.3" touchscreen video player) can be had for for $30. But for some reason the technology doesn't appeal to the cost-obsessed junk instrument manufacturers.

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Except that in reality it is a 720p video player, with the collection of characters "1080p" thrown in there. You know, make some more money from people thinking they get a real 1080p player. It says it "supports 1080p". I guess they forgot to add it also "supports 4k UHD". Now it may choke on that bitrate, but hey it supports it. Still, $30 for a random 720p player isn't bad...


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