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Look for advice on agilent osciloscope


Hi all,
I am thinking about buying an Agilent oscilloscope for my own electronic lab. I am an embedded software engineer and want to get better understanding of the circuit boards I deal with everyday from my work. I already bought power supplies, multimeter, and a soldering station. The next thing to buy will be an oscilloscope. I watched Dave's review on Agilent 2000 series and loved it. I think 100MHz will be enough for my need, but not really sure if I need to buy MSOX2012A or DSOX2012A . The former has 8 digital channel but around $800AUS dearer than the latter. As I already have a around $300 USB logic analyser which I quite like, is it worth to pay additional amount on digital channels on the oscilloscope? Any advice is welcome. Thanks in advance.

I've not had experience of that particular mixed signal scope. When looking at combinations of digital and analogue it can be useful to trigger the Oscilloscope from a Logic Analyzer, useful for glitches, digital - analogue converters etc. Does your Logic Analyzer have a trigger output which can be connected to an Oscilloscope External Trigger input? I guess that the MSO can do this which can be useful. They are rather limited compared to a full blown Logic Analyzer though that can be programmed to trigger off complex parallel data sequences and, with the right accessory, serial data sequences.


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