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Looking for a manual for a Fluke 710 Impedence Bridge, i.e. boat anchor

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Stray Electron:
  I spotted one of these in a surplus store today and I'm thinking of going back and picking it up. Does anyone know where I can find a manual for it?


1.  That link brings up the stupidity of cookies and I won't go there.
2.  I don't know anything specific about the Fluke but I suspect it has a lot in common with the GR 650A.

Stray Electron:
  I agree about the site, I won't use it either due to all of the cookie nonsense but it was the only place that I could find anything about the 710.  I will take a look at the GR 650a and see if it appears to be similar.  FWIW, I'm surprised at how difficult it is to find any documentation on some of the old Fluke stuff. Radiomuseum was the only place that I found any mention of the 710.

  OTOH I guess that I could list to 710 on Flea-Bay with the title RARE! :-)

The 'rare' adjective refers to items that either have fallen apart from age or that didn't sell well.  I chuckle when I see it because that tells me I will probably do better without it.

I don't know how old that Fluke is.  The GR 650A was an early version (Heathkit made a clone of it) and the more modern one is GR 1650A.  I own one, as well as the even more modern GR 1658.

No schematic or service manual, but here is a short operators manual.


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