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Does anyone have any clue what these Magnova oscilloscope might be?

(See attached screenshot)

Just got. the invitation as well. How could they hide this from us. No clue. There is one single hit on Google. This thread.  :D

It's great that the secrecy surrounding the Magnova worked for so long!

Okay, let's fuel the rumours with some insider information...

Exclusive previews for you, only here on the eevblog:

* Unique: The Magnova breaks new ground. It's not just another oscilloscope, everything has been developed from scratch. Give the Magnova 5 minutes and you will be amazed by its unique concept and new possibilities.
* Precise: 12-bit ADCs, as is now becoming more common in the new oscilloscopes? I can see a 200-microvolt signal sharply and in detail with the components only one microvolt high on the display (yes microvolts, not millivolts)... How is that possible? Are 12-bit ADCs sufficient for this or is something else needed?
* Fast: Over 12 million waveforms per second in history mode with more than 3.8 million waveforms in the history memory? These are just two of the unbeatable specs.
* Silent: Passive cooling with this performance? Is that possible? Perhaps with a full metal housing and all heat sources directly connected to it?
* Display Dimensions: Wondering about the size of the display? Any guesses? ... It's a tad larger. It boasts full HD with 1920x1080 pixels. It also interfaces seamlessly and looks really great with external devices, such as big (touch) monitors or projectors.
* Made in Germany: Development, circuit boards, housing comes from Germany... Okay, the microswitches come from Denmark. Did you know that the Danes are the second happiest country in the world? Some of this happiness will also be passed on to Magnova users... By the way, who actually installs microswitches in an oscilloscope? Don't they always use silicone switching mats?The price? Not cheap, but fair and affordable for ambitious electronics enthusiasts. Much cheaper than it seems with these specifications.

We will be presenting the Magnova oscilloscopes for the first time at our booth at embedded world! I know, for many readers of the eevblog forum Nuremberg is a bit far... We will of course post further information on our Batronix website starting on Tuesday.

See you on Tuesday!

You know, what I miss these times? "Secrets" and surprises like this. Usually there are a lot of leaks and everyone knows everything about possible rumors and what it will be at the end.
You managed to keep that secret.  :-+

...thinking about to book a ticket to Nuremberg, just out of curiosity. (...not THAT far from Berlin, where I actually stay)

The specs look stunning btw.

is magnova the name of the company? i haven't been able to find anything on them. i'm intrigued!

i also wanted to see if maybe the silhouette was a darkened but not completely black image, but this was the most detail i could get. looks like it might be touch screen and no knobs? the aspect ratio of the blue rectangle does look like 16:9. funny looking base too!


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