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I just got my Mastech MS5308 LCR Meter and I am a bit confused. From what I have read most ESR meters test using a 100khz signal to allow in-circuit testing of caps right? Well I ma trying to use this meter set on capacitance and esr mode at 100khz and I am getting nearly always OL. And sometimes getting a reading that is very low value even on higher value caps. If I change the test frequency to 100 or 120hz many times I get a reading of 3.3 to 3.6mf. I am not sure what is going on. 

Most LCR meters can't do in-circuit tests. The Mastech has a test voltage of 500mV peak to peak, which can cause false readings due to turning on transistors, most testers capable of in-circuit readings are around 100mV. Keep in mind none of the in-circuit meters are particularly accurate either.

On 100khz test voltage is lower, you can check with the scope.

Measuring capacitance in circuit is not going to be accurate. ESR is usually slightly better, since you're only looking at orders of magnitude increases in ESR.

Ok makes sense. So in circuit testing I should only pay attention too the ESR reading. Should I always test in circuit at 100khz?

Also a few other silly questions. When would you use DCR? What is wastage factor or D? And what is quality factor or Q? I guess I'll ask about phase angle also when does that come into play?


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