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MASTECH MS8218 (0.03% Multimeter) Quick Review

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MASTECH MS8218 (160 EUR 0.03% Multimeter) Quick Review

This is my first post here, so hi to all and thanks for a great forum. Im not electronics engineer, just hobbyist but wanted a good DMM(Dont we all !) and as the Agilent U1272A is 400 eur, sought for something cheaper but still accurate. I have had the MASTECH MS8217 (50eur 0.5% DMM) for years and really happy with it, so another Mastech, why not ?

50.000 counts

DCV   50mV / 500mV / 5V / 50V / 500V / 1000V +/- 0,03 %

ACV   50mV / 500mV / 5V / 50V / 500V / 1000V +/- 0,5 % (True RMS)

OHM   500Ohm / 5KOhm / 50KO / 500KOhm / 5MOhm / 50MOhm +/- 0,1 %

CAP    50nF / 500nF / 5uF / 500uF / 5000uF +/- 1%

More extensive data at OR


Didnt actually believe that 0.03 % when i ordered so as soon as i got the meter ran to the R&D lab at work.Tested against Tektronix DMM4040 (0.0035% Reading + 0.0005% Range) with voltages from 1 to 30 VDC. The MS8218 was showing only 1 digit diffrence to the Tek(ie 5.0002 V to 5.0001xx V) WOW! Didnt even care about the % anymore, this is accurate enough for me !

Oh and sorry, no pictures as i was in R&D lab..

Look and feel:

The kickstand is a flimsy piece of sh#t! It has already bent just by standing up. It recoils if buttons are pressed. FAIL.

Gets worse, when standing up the part that touches desk is round, ROUND !! Even the old Mastech has nice dent or smooth part that makes it steady. FAIL


A "Hard" powerbutton, nice. Why are not all DMMs done like this? No more turning selector half a circle for 1 measurement "CLACK-CLACK-CLACK" and back  "CLACK-CLACK-CLACK". Just push on (The selector probably is already on the right setting) and measure. Easy.EPIC WIN. And the selector is really good, firm with good "dents"."CLACK-CLACK-CLACK !!!"

Display is a bit dark without light but big and easy to read. The analog bar display works well, is fast and works even when the display shows something else like max value.
Backlight only stays on for 5 sec after pressing LIGHT. Then you must press again, and again, and again ... No permanent mode. FAIL (If i want to kill my battery's using backlight 24/7, who are you to judge!)

Draws 6mA on DCV and 26mA when backlight is on ,proving my point about the backlight. 1000mAh / 26mA = 38h of continous backlight use. 166.66666h for those that worship the darkness...

Diode: Test voltage is 3.3V barely lights white led.

Ohm: 0.01ohm resolution on low range, upto 50Mohm. Continuity beeper has no latch and no delay.

Capacitance: This is interesting, no leads shows 00.00 nF. Just leads show 00.02 nF and if i coil testleads together goes upto 00.05 nF. Measuring bigger caps takes a while with friendly "Please wait ..." on screen.

Current: 0.01uA to 10A

Has "sensing" ports so if you forget leads to mA or A port and change to voltage measuring display blanks and speaker whines.


A nice "cheap" multimeter with good price to accuracy/resolution and a few annoyances.

Teardown? No scratcing the precious conformal coatings just yet, keep pantyhoes on.


Hmm, I thought I saw those two multimeters on ebay under the "YEHAI" label.  YH-187 and

@CUDA, how about a teardown of the MASTECH MS8217?  I would ilke too see the insides of one.

for 160 euros is really a good meter...  It seems robust, isn't?


--- Quote from: Oracle on September 11, 2012, 05:23:03 pm ---for 160 euros is really a good meter...  It seems robust, isn't?

--- End quote ---

Yep, other than the kickstand its solid.

--- Quote from: T4P on September 10, 2012, 06:33:36 pm ---Re-badging, saw them first on Dealextreme

--- End quote ---

The box it came in did not have any brand on it, but when i looked closely the screenshot printed on the box has MASTECH on it . The YEHAI comes in the same box ! You can see the MASTECH LOGO->

Few things im going to mod: Laching or always on backlight, sand the bottom for stability, decrease the volume of beeper. If nobody has posted teardown by then, i will upload the photos.



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