Author Topic: Tektronix 465 repair thread - horizontal flat line - vertical output board?  (Read 353 times)

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I'm trying back to life old Tektronix  465 scope.

PSU: All rails in spec

Problem: horizontal flat line that cannot be moved up-down (only left right).
Triggering: working, after applying calibration signal it grab trigger lamp.
Time base working  (on slow i can see trace sweeping)

applying signal to A & B channel have no affect even, switching settings on A & B vertical  have no affect on line (not even simplest smallest jump).

I visually inspected   Vertical Output Board (don't see anything obvious) .

Actual problem looks like output  of method described in general tektronix service manual (please take  look at attachment)

Could You give me any hint where to start  in nailing it  down?

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