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MSOX-2000 Owners - Does your scope have this problem #1?

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I was looking at Dave's video on the Rigol DS2000 to show the effect of persistence and intensity of signal on the screen and tried to reproduce it on my MSOX2024.  Either with the WavGen option or an independent external source Set up for a 1 Mhz Sine wave with AM modulation of 100 hz and 100% modulation.   Set scope for either 5ms or 2 ms - can you find a stable trigger lock?  My MSOX2024 cannot and has quite a bit of jitter in RUN.  You can try this also with 1Mhz sine and 1khz AM modulation and a horizontal of 500us or 200us and same thing - jitter and not a stable screen picture in RUN.  IS this inherent problem or just my scope?


Think a little about triggering... Don't blame the scope first :)

I reproduced what Dave showed in his Rigol DS2000 video, I did not see any instability in the his vidoe on the DS2000 display.  Identical conditions in MSOX2024 cannot get stable signal.  Perhaps you can explain why the different behaviour between the two scopes?  I can understand that at 0% modulation you may lose the trigger but then there should be a missed trigger event not a shift in the underlying heterodyne frequency.  Is it a "feature" or a "problem"   :)


You must set trigger level and holdoff to a suitable value.

In complex signals, never rely on the Autoset button.


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