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MSOX2024A scope probe problem

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I have just received my MSOX2024A.

Unfortunately my scope probe retractable hooks keep falling off the probes. What is the deal here? Surely this can't be the way they are designed.
My old HP probe hooks seem to hold on by friction via the soft rubber and close tolerance of the probe and the hook. I can hook the probes onto something and they hold their own weight. My new probes just fall out??

The new probes look like they are just hard ABS plastic on the probe and the hook. I have wrapped a couple of turns of sticky tape around the probe to help hold them in and while it does improve things it is surely not necessary.

Hopefully I am just not seeing the obvious, please explain why.



I have those probes and I don't see the issue you are seeing. And yes they use friction to hold them on place.


Correction I have the N2862B which are pretty much the same plastic design, but with different bandwith.


If I hook them onto something the hook stays on but the probe falls out.
I have pushed them in as far as they go, but they don't stay in.

Ok the problem is sorted out.

Just shove them on even harder, and they stay on. Much harder than the HP ones I am used to.

I think I did state somewhere it was probably me and not the scope leads.

One of them is actually a bit wrong, obviously the first one I looked at. It clicks like a momentary switch when you put the hook on, so I thought it had reached it full travel.
The others don't click.
Anyway Agilent called me up at dinner time to respond to my email and helped me out and are sending some replacements.

All good except for my pride.


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