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MSOX3054A First use and impressions.


Here I will post my first use experiences and impressions of my new MSOX3054A.

1/ Attaching a probe (unadjusted) to channel 1 and measuring the probe comp 1 output.

Snapshot output figures (Amplitude only-Frequency=1.0012KHz)
Pk-Pk 2.65v
Max 2.54v
Min -120 mV
Ampl 2.51v
Top 2.49v
Base -30mv
Over 2.0%
Pre 2.0%
Avg-Cyc 1.2167v
Avg-FS 1.2167v
DC-RMS Cyc 1.75v
DC-RMS Fs 1.75v
AC-RMS Cyc 1.2564v
AC-RMS Fs 1.2561v

Measurements on probe comp 1 pin with a GM Metrahit XTRA

DC voltage  1.215v
AC voltage (1M Ohm setting) 1.225v

Measurements with built in DVM

AC RMS 1.26v
DC 1.22v
DC RMS 1.75v

What strikes me is the difference in RMS measurement values between the inbuilt DVM, my multimeter and the scope measurements. The scope measurements are done with an uncompensated scope and there is some pre/over shoot present on the waveform.

More observations later.



The built-in DMM appears to be consistent with the scope measurements. The GM DMM most likely does not have enough bandwidth for a 1 kHz square wave with relatively fast edges.


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