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Multimeter spreadsheet (80 manufacturers and over 400 meters listed)

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If you look at the column heading notes, you will see that the accuracy is limited to 3% for an objective comparison with other meters.
I will add a note for the Brymen to state that the accuracy is 4%+60 between 20 and 100 kHz, up to 60V only and above 30% of the range.

Having just ordered a Brymen 867s I thought I would have a look at it here to compare, is the Brymen 867 in the list the same MM?

Yes, the only difference is the fuse voltage rating.

Thanks for maintaining this helpful spreadsheet. I've been using the handheld meters list to compare meters and I noticed a possible improvement to the formatting which makes it much easier to sort and filter. New guy here so apologies in advance if this idea has already been discussed and ruled out somewhere in the previous 22 pages.

In the current format, you can't really use the Excel Filter feature because column A includes both the model numbers and the brand. If instead there was a new column added to the left side for the brand, then it's possible to use the Filter feature and be able to specify criteria. For example you could select only certain brands, and then filter again on the accuracy, or price, etc. Screen shot included below.

Thanks for your work. I have been using a TPI 153 for a long time and it is a very reliable meter.


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