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Multimeter spreadsheet (80 manufacturers and over 400 meters listed)

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I strongly recommend HT206D as it has 60/600A AC/DC clamp. It has no probe current, but you can short the probe with 0.1ohm then you get a 6A range with 0.1V/A drop. I got one from Aliexpress less than $30. I also have a Fluke and a Tek.
I clamped it on my Odyssey measure starting current 350A. I also use its MIN to get my battery drop voltage during start that is 7.4V, 2nd start 6.9V, my GS300 is 9V. These are best way to check for battery/starter status. As I know my Odyssey batter is weak, I charged it offline 48 hours and get better digit.

I think i noticed an error. The spreadsheet says the EEVblog Brymen 786 lacks NCV, while the Brymen 789 has it, but according to the manual, both have it?

Am I missing something and there is a difference in functionality here?

(Was about to buy a 786 from Dave and just was trying to understand what the delta was to the 789).

Well spotted. Both have it. The list will be corrected at the next edition.

Thanks for the listing.

Noticed the listing for the Siglent SDM3055 and SDM3065 don't show the scanner card option.

I appreciate you maintaining these spreadsheets!

I suggest inserting a new column with the manufacturer, then freezing the left 2 columns and top 2 rows and making the 2nd row a filter. The result would be something like this:

Here are a few errors I've noticed; at least the values differ from their published manuals.

* Fluke 287: 10 mOhm, not 1 mOhm (289 has 50.000 Ohm range, 287 does not - page 72 note 3)
* Brymen 785/789/ EEVBlog 786: 10 mOhm, not 1 mOhm (has 600.00 mOhm range - page 23)
* Brymen 785/789/ EEVBlog 786: 10 uV, not 1 uV (has 600.00 mV range - page 26)
To be honest, I haven't looked in depth at many entries and I wonder about the error rate.

I'd advise buyers to verify important features with the manufacturer's published specifications before making any purchase :)


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