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Multimeter spreadsheet (80 manufacturers and over 400 meters listed)

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Thanks for the corrections. The master database has been corrected, waiting for the next release.
Errors are bound to creep in due to the vast amount of stored data and tiresome manual entries.
For instance, in your short post, you managed to mix up the page references in the Brymen manual.  ;)
Overall, the document is fairly reliable as most errors have been pointed out by our members already.
Of course, do your own research, like you have done, before buying your prized multimeter.

Could we get a column added for the actual number of counts on the 5.5+ Bench Meters sheet instead of just 5 1/2, 6 1/2, etc.?  I'd be happy to provide the numbers for all my bench DMMs...

The resolution of bench meters is traditionally expressed as a number of digits.
Some of the meters in the spreadsheet have their count mentioned in the cell note, especially when a HiRes mode is available.
I don't have the time and drive to spend hours digging out all that information at the moment, but if someone else is prepared to do all the spadework, I would be glad to insert an extra column for it.


--- Quote from: bicycleguy on December 12, 2021, 01:09:19 am ---Noticed the listing for the Siglent SDM3055 and SDM3065 don't show the scanner card option.

--- End quote ---
The master list has been updated.

Adding a new column now does seem disruptive, but I also really would like to see if we can start gathering that data somehow.  There are 5.5 digit DMMs that can compete with a 6.5 digit DMM in certain conditions, for example.

Would it make sense to put the counts that we have as a note on the digits entry for the time being?  Then at some point it could be made into another column.

Another topic to discuss is how to determine the counts.  If the DMM is physically only able to display 1,999,999 do we consider that the counts or round up to 2,000,000?  I have also seen some oddities especially with handheld DMMs, where everywhere it is stated as a 50,000 count but is actually 55,000 or 52,000.  So we have the concept of "published" vs. actual in some cases.


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