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Multimeter spreadsheet (80 manufacturers and over 400 meters listed)

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The handheld multimeter spreadsheet I downloaded says "Edition: 12-Jul 2017" in the upper right corner. Am I looking at the right thing?

I'm trying to use the spreadsheet to pick a multimeter out for automobile usage. I noticed the list doesn't include clamp meters, although I know it's possible to spend another $100-200 USD on a hall effect attachment. I also noticed that the maximum voltage and amperage isn't listed, as far as I could tell; for most gasoline or diesel cars, the maximum voltage you're going to run into is 24V (12V for my specific car) and 120A for the alternator fuse (other fuses are 20-30A). As far as I could tell, the maximum for most of the products on the list was 10A, which is too low for my use case. Is there another resource I can use similar to this one that includes maximum A/V figures, especially for meters with built-in clamps? Thank you for making this spreadsheet and for any advice.
I took an attempt at filling out the fields for one meter, but I don't understand how a lot of the fields are meant to be completed.

Nice chart. IMO voltage ratings would be helpfull (i almost bought pc7000 but there is only 10V on duty etc)

Sorry for the unnecessary reply, but the forum is broken and I cannot subscribe to this topic any other way...  :-\

Does anyone know how to download the current files? The first post says the last update was in March of 2021. When I download the handheld meter file, tho, the heading says "Edition: 12-Jul 2017", more than five years ago. Lots of interesting meters are missing, and many obsolete (discontinued) meters are still present.


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