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Multimeter spreadsheet (80 manufacturers and over 400 meters listed)

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--- Quote from: omar9K on September 21, 2023, 09:23:25 pm ---Does anyone know how to download the current files? The first post says the last update was in March of 2021. When I download the handheld meter file, tho, the heading says "Edition: 12-Jul 2017", more than five years ago. Lots of interesting meters are missing, and many obsolete (discontinued) meters are still present.

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I understand how this wouldn't be obvious, but the "last edit" is for the post being edited. *Not* for the list being updated.
That being said, it does look to be in bad need of an update, I probably wouldn't have the time to do such an update myself, though I am drawn to the idea... I think I'd post it on gitlab or something so that it could be updated by the community instead of depending on one person.

Does anyone know where the pricing info for the DMM list came from? Was it new or used? I ask because pricing I'm finding is significantly higher, like 300% or more for some of these meters -- and I'm talking about the ones that are still in production.

EDIT: It occurred to me after the fact that my comment might be misinterpreted as asking for an update in the pricing category of the table. Though certainly accuracy in pricing is important, the data as is has some historical value if it's the MSRP.

Wow!   That took a lot of work!  With reference to my other post...what column denotes the sampling rate?

Owon's XDM 1041 is painfully missing from the list :) They advertise it as a "True RMS DMM" and at least for what I've been using it, it has been my bang for the buck. I'm not knowledgable enough to have all the info needed - but if there's some standard test I can do to add it to the list I'd be happy to oblige.


--- Quote from: wally2q on March 04, 2021, 12:28:26 am ---I noticed one of the columns are labelled mF... right next to pF.
I know pF is picoFarads, so is mF meant to represent miliFarads on the capacitor measurement scale?...

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A LONG time ago, mF meant MICRO Farad.  I'm old.  And I don't have any idea whether that is the meaning of mF in the table.  The SI prefixes were generally adopted internationally in 1960.  mF might also mean millions of pF (just as in capacitor markings).


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