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Boss finally gave the green light for another handheld multimeter, so I'm looking for suggestions.

Our immediate needs are simple, monitor the output of a high voltage (10kV) transformer during a 20minute test.  So I was looking for a general purpose meter with min/max logging and some HV probes.

After that HV test is complete, we'll probably never use it for anything but low voltage (<24V) electronics stuff.  Voltage, Current, Resistance, Frequency measurement, maybe capacitance, etc.  Good accuracy and fast update would be nice.

He didn't give me a price range, so much as said..."Here's the credit card, buy what ever we need to solve the problem, NOW!" 

Any suggestions for a handheld meter under $500 (don't want to push my luck too much) that would satisfy our immediate needs, is a good value for money, and would be useful down the road? 

I figure HV probe leads would be another $200?

Thanks in advance.

How hard is it to just look through the specs? At a price of "under $500" you're not dancing in Wun Hung Lo territory, so there's really no reason to have to check if the meter is a dud. Just find one from a reputable manufacturer that has all of those things. There aren't that many of them.

For these sort of tests I'd definitely go for an A-brand like Fluke or Agilent. If something goes wrong your wife can succesfully sue them and get some money  >:D

Monitoring the output of a 10KV transformer is hardly a simple task for a handheld DMM.
With that kind of voltage, a Fluke would be my only choice.


--- Quote from: Wytnucls on March 27, 2013, 03:18:11 pm ---Monitor the output of a 10KV transformer is hardly a task for a handheld DMM.

--- End quote ---

So what are these for?


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