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can you add a fuse in a multimeter on the 10 a line


Are you trying to measure a higher current?

use one of these:


--- Quote from: peterthenovice on April 03, 2013, 09:11:43 pm ---can you add a fuse in a multimeter on the 10 a line

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Decent multimeters have a fuse on the 10A or 20A current input.

If you have a multimeter without a fuse, I would just buy a new multimeter. Most half decent multimeters from $30 upwards should have a fuse.

If you only need the fuse for low voltages, any of the cheap multimeters would be fine.

If you need fuses with full CAT III or CAT IV rating for 300V to 1000V, you probably should be looking at paying a bit more for a quality brand.

It's always impressed me that the fuse they leave out is the one for the higher energy range. I understand that it's the more expensive one, but it's also the one that gets used around mains.

I have a cheapo meter where they didn't even put a real fuse on the low current range - it's a damn polyswitch. Stick mains up that and see how long it blocks current...  |O

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