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Re: R&S RTM3004 The Swiss-Knife-Oscilloscope
« Reply #200 on: December 14, 2019, 01:04:30 pm »
Yes, all vertical gain settings should be checked. There shouldn't be any sweet spot though, only the specific vertical gain where the quantization noise starts to exceed the frontend noise.

A demonstration for the 8bit SDS5104X can be found here (#reply 365):

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Re: R&S RTM3004 The Swiss-Knife-Oscilloscope
« Reply #201 on: December 19, 2019, 01:51:34 pm »
Hi All,

I just purchased a new RTM3004com4 package.  I have been testing the scope under some of my use cases, and I am finding that there is either a problem with my scope, or a bug in the position mode (looking at either pre-trigger memory, or post trigger)  I have attached a pair of screen shots to show the issue.   

I can work with this "bug" if it is not indicative of a PLL problem on my unit, and hope that a FW update fixes it, otherwise, I have the hassle of returning the unit.

My FW version is 1.550

Steps to duplicate:
1. input a stable frequency, and set up trigger.  In this case it is the 10MHz out of my spectrum analyzer. 
2. Adjust the display position (second row from top second to last setting) to 500 us.
3. select infinite persistence.
4. hit run/stop to stop acquiring.
5. hit run/stop to re-start.    this should look like "after_run_stop.png".
    this looks like PLL or math to calculate which samples to display is off.  I would guess PLL.   
6.  Now hit clear screen, sometimes twice is required.   this should look like "after_clear_screen.png"

Do other RTM 3004s have this issue?  Does my unit have a HW problem?

Hi Mike - the R&D team has been looking in to this.  It's a bug and will be fixed in the next release.

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Re: R&S RTM3004 The Swiss-Knife-Oscilloscope
« Reply #202 on: December 23, 2019, 06:51:17 am »
Hi Rich,

I am happy to hear that R&S R&D are looking into fixing the problem.  I hope that the update also applies to the RTA4000 series, if required.  I like liked the RTM3000 well enough in all other regards that I returned it (and some more money) for a RTA4000 which EEVblog member egonotto kindly tested, and found that it did not have the issue.  I suspect that this is a "borderline" problem, as my RTM3004 reliably produced the issue when I reported it, and a few days later did not have it.


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Re: R&S RTM3004 The Swiss-Knife-Oscilloscope
« Reply #203 on: January 25, 2020, 09:10:12 am »

in the Manual of RTM3000 and RTA4000 are written:

On instruments with
1 GHz bandwidth, you can also set the hysteresis to user-defined values.
Remote command:
TRIGger:A:HYSTeresis on page 438
TRIGger:A:LEVel<n>:HYSTeresis on page 438

I did not found a way to do this on a RTA4004 with 1GHz  bandwidth :(

I also try the command: TRIGger:A:LEVel3:HYSTeresis 0.1
and got an error: -113,"Undefined header"

With the command: SYSTem:TREE? I got a list of all commands.

In this listing there is no TRIG:A:LEV<n>:HYST command.

Best regards



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Re: R&S RTM3004 The Swiss-Knife-Oscilloscope
« Reply #204 on: November 10, 2020, 09:19:18 pm »
For those that like to poke around, here is the AES-256 for the RTM3000 .FWUs:

CC80E4A7441CE6B72F1FBFEA9A92F3C6 (the rest is 00s)

A sample parsing of the v01.501 FW:
Code: [Select]
00000000      Header Size: 0400      [00000000-000003FF]    FileSize OK
00000002   Section 1 Size: 00180BEC  [00000400-00180FEB]
00000006   Section 2 Size: 01977194  [00180FEC-01AF817F]
0000000A  Section 1 CRC16: 5F1B    CRC OK
0000000C  Section 2 CRC16: BAA6    CRC OK
0000000E               HW: 0x10300000
0000001E            Model: RTM3004
0000002E               SW: 01.501
0000003E     Release Date: 2019-05-03
0000004E      Part Number: 7102.19684
0000005E      Compilation: Build 73 built on 2019-05-03 11:13:10 by MaG? [01.501 - HCL: 03.400 - MesOS: 04.400] with GCC 5.3.0
0000015E  (???) Hash Type: 2
00000198            Build: 73
000001AA Section 1 SHA256: 84DB2EB405A3480467BACA51BE687398    HASH OK
000001CA Section 2 SHA256: 261BD49CAD531EEB2247240631C90B86    HASH OK
000003FE     Header CRC16: 8320    CRC OK
00180FEC **** SubSection 0x80 ****
00180FED  SubSect Hdr Size: 0025
00180FEF   SubSection Size: 0000D713  [00181011-0018E723]
00180FF3  SubSection CRC16: 4469    CRC OK
0018100B     Contents Size: 0000D70E  [00181014-0018E721]
0018100F SubSect Hdr CRC16: 2AEA      [00180FEC-0018100E]    CRC OK
00181014 BMP (1280x800 pixels - 8 bits / compr.: 1)   [00181014-0018E721]
0018E724 **** SubSection 0x18 ****
0018E725  SubSect Hdr Size: 0025
0018E727   SubSection Size: 01969A33  [0018E749-01AF817B]
0018E72B  SubSection CRC16: 5985    CRC OK
0018E743     Contents Size: 01969A30  [0018E74C-01AF817B]
0018E747 SubSect Hdr CRC16: D1EB      [0018E724-0018E746]    CRC OK
0018E74D     ELF File Size: 019699B0  [0018E78C-01AF813B]
0018E751    ELF File CRC32: E8CED43F    CRC OK
0018E755     Creation Time: 03/05/2019 09:19:00
0018E78C Main Application .ELF
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Re: R&S RTM3004 The Swiss-Knife-Oscilloscope
« Reply #205 on: November 10, 2020, 10:28:07 pm »
hehe... :-+

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