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Need DSO/MSO That Has Dual Time base - Which Do you Recommend?


My Rigol MSO 1102D can be set for two different horizontal settings on Ch1 and Ch2 and two very different signals can be triggered and viewed simultaneously.  I would like to get a new 200 Mhz scope with similar capability, more measurement features, bigger screen.... can someone recommend one?


GW Instek GDS-2000A has alt trigger, but probably not independent horizontal controls.
If you want a scope with real independent four channels, you can buy the expensive GDS-3000.
Well, the scope is not perfect. It was never popular among hobbyists. It has only 25kpoints memory per each channel.
Then some Siglent might have independent trigger and horizontal setting per each channel, but that scopes are not much better than your Rigol DS1000, they are quite basic.


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