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Need help with a Tektronix 2230

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Hi everyone,

Long time lurker, first time poster.  Great forum!

First of all, I'm pretty new to electronics.  A couple years ago, I thought I could use arduino for a couple projects I had in mind.  At that time, I bought an assortment of stuff including a the aforementioned scope.  I don't know how to use them, but intended to learn.  Long story, short... I got busy with work and electronics got pushed back.  I bought the scope used on eBay well over a year ago.  I fired it up when I received it.  Screen lights, menu... all that.  Since then, it's been sitting on my bench, unused.

Today, I fired it up, downloaded the manual and googled a couple good tutorials on scope use intending to start learning.  After following the manuals initial setup procedure, I was unsuccessful in getting the result I was expecting.  I'm hoping someone here can help.  My fear is that the scope is bad.  One reason I say this is that the "A vertical position" adjustment moves the "trace" horizontally.  The "trace" is just a dot or a dash that I can't seem to change no matter what I do.  The "B vert" adjustment does move the trace vertically AND produces a vertical line, but again, not what I'm expecting.

Attached are some photos of the powered up scope.  A 10x probe is attached.  I'd be very appreciative for any assistance you may offer.  If repairs are in order, can someone please direct me?  I don't know anyone locally who knows much about electronics.  I'm located in South Florida and would prefer having repairs done locally as I doubt the scope is worth the cost of round-trip postage.  Thank you.

Hi welcome to the forums, could you post a picture like below while adjusting a probe? So we can see how the settings are and try to guide you.

Better yet, I got a 2221A here with almost same control layout, try to set it like this and make sure scope is not in storage mode and push out the X-Y button:

It looks like the XY button is pressed in. Press it again to go back to normal mode.


--- Quote from: nctnico on March 27, 2013, 10:56:11 pm ---It looks like the XY button is pressed in. Press it again to go back to normal mode.

--- End quote ---


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