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Need help with restoring License eeprom Lecroy 7200A Wavepro

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Dear all,
I bought this (used) scope about a year ago in a rather bad period (health-wise) of my life , to keep my mind from wandering the dark alley's...
Been fairly happy with the unit , Installed the Ipad retina screen, upgraded the mainboard , gave her a good clean. Even called around to order some license options for serial decode , but those are way too expensive to justify for private/hobby usage.(3 to 10k for some options, paid 4k for the scope already)

Today I decided to fumble with something I shouldn't have. License keys ... (I really wanted USB 2 time base and serial/spi/can for fun)  After a few tries the scope locked up...

Too keep it simple, the DSO software detects a fault, and no longer boots.

For the usual first aids, I t reinstalled the DSO package, tried turning it off and on again too.. 
I think its bad, as in EEPROM bad ...  Not even sure where the EEPROM is located for it.

I am willing to accept a loss, I shouldn't have been messing around with this.  Will be quite sour and hard to digest though.

If someone knows a way to undo messing around with license keys id be really grateful.   

PM sent.

Scope is restored ! thanks !!! :-+
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So you're not going to explain what exactly happened?

 I messed up big time playing with the scope in the service menu / entering things I should not ...

But the 1-wire eeprom was recoverable. by making an Arduino 1--wire programmer to remove the bad data  :-+


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