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New (toy?) DSO+LCR meter - Fnirsi DSO-TC2 (june 2022)

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--- Quote from: ober on June 05, 2023, 02:13:42 pm ---Apparently the DSO-TC3 measures itself...  (And note the Rds and Cg values :-)

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Dear authors Markus Reschke and Karl-Heinz K├╝bbeler have been developing, refining and polishing the code for years, but you want the Chinese toy to work as well as the original AVR project. This will not be in the near future, porting successfully code to another platform to take into account all the subtleties and nuances of ARM is a very difficult task. :)

Is it true that the DSO-TC3 no longer has the PWM output up to 10MHz?
This was one of the more useful hidden features of the DSO-TC2.

TC-3 has 1-100kHz PWM output @3.3V


--- Quote from: slavoy on July 10, 2023, 03:25:24 pm ---TC-3 has 1-100kHz PWM output @3.3V

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The TC3 seems to have a signal generator with different waveforms.
The TC2 has PWM generators in two places:
- One in the oscilloscope context. This is only capable of PWM up to 80 kHz. It works in parallel to the oscilloscope mode.
- One in the tester menu. This one can do PWM up to 10 MHz!

I didn't notice this feature for a long time, but it's quite remarkable as an add-on function for such a toy.
It seems to have been removed from the TC3, right?

Attached is a screenshot of the PWM output at 5MHz/75% duty of the TC2.
The screenshot is of course not from the oscilloscope of the TC2, which can not display this frequency range (It's from my DSO2512G)


--- Quote ---It seems to have been removed from the TC3, right?
--- End quote ---
Yep, you get only 1kHz square for the probe compensation when in scope mode.


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