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New Agilent Scope--Unexpected deficiency

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The Electrician:
I got an email from Agilent about their new 9000H series scope with 12 bit vertical sampling:

But check out the waveform update rate on page 13 of the data sheet:

Only 2k waveforms/sec?  After all the noise Agilent makes about the importance of this capability in a modern DSO?

nah. it can do up to 250K waveforms per second.
see the full details. update rate changes depending on what mode you are in.

The Electrician:
Page 23 of the data sheet shows that the 250k waveforms/sec only applies to segmented mode.  Look at the real time mode specs on that page.

Agilent makes much of the fact that the update rate of the 5000 and 6000 series scopes remains nearly constant at about 100k waveforms/sec no mater what mode you're in.  Why for this new and very capable scope would they not consider a high update rate in all modes worth doing?

Probably because of the 12 bit convertor and the low noise floor... Dunno. Ask them.

My guess is that scope is based on Windows PC platform, so no fancy ASIC graphics processor for super fast rendering to display, like in x/5000/6000 series.



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