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New HIOKI DMMs available, DT4281, DT4282

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--- Quote ---In maintenance inspections of electrical equipment in buildings and manufacturing plants, and research and development as well as maintenance inspections of equipment such as inverters and solar power systems, the ability to make high-precision measurements without compromising work efficiency is essential. The HIOKI Digital Multimeters DT4281 and DT4282 were developed to help professionals do their jobs quickly by enabling efficient, high-precision measurement.

Both instruments feature reduced measurement times, allowing them to deliver the fastest response speed of any portable multimeter. As reflected by safety performance that allows use in applications up to CAT IV (600V), the most demanding measurement category, and a broad operating temperature range, they are also inherently safe products that can be used with confidence and peace of mind. Furthermore, with basic accuracy of ±0.025% for DC voltage measurement and an AC voltage frequency band of 20 to 100 kHz, the new DMMs deliver the highest accuracy and broadest frequency band of any portable multimeter.

Developed and manufactured in the heart of Japan, these two instruments facilitate the ultimate measurement convenience and capabilities.
1.Improved response for more efficient measurement
The DT4281 and DT4282 deliver the fastest response speed of any portable multimeter, improving the response time for DC measurement from previous models’ 1.5 seconds to 1.0 seconds. They also offer exceptional noise resistance and yield stable measurement results immediately after measurement. Faster measurement lets technicians perform their tasks at a higher level of efficiency. Thanks to safety performance that allows use in applications up to CAT IV (600V), the most demanding measurement category, and an operating temperature range of -15°C to 55°C, the instruments are safe and 100% reliable.
2.High-accuracy, broadband measurement
With basic accuracy of ±0.025% for DC voltage measurement and a frequency band of 20 to 100 kHz for AC voltage measurement, the DT4281 and DT4282 deliver the highest accuracy and widest frequency band of any portable multimeter. Since measured values are true RMS values, both units’ indicated measurements are accurate, even when measuring a distorted waveform. Their ability to conduct high-accuracy, wideband measurement makes them ideal for use not only in the field, but also in research and development work, where high performance is a must.

Previous true RMS-type instruments were unable to measure voltage on the secondary side of an inverter, but the DT4281 and DT4282 incorporate a low-pass filter function that enables them to make such measurements by eliminating the carrier frequency component. In this way, these instruments also serve as useful tools in inverter research and development.
3.Terminal shutter mechanism designed to prevent mistaken test lead insertion
Because digital multimeters can measure numerous parameters such as voltage, current, and resistance, they have multiple input terminals, making it possible to insert measurement leads improperly. Such a mistake could cause equipment damage by allowing the wrong electrical signals to be input to the instrument. To prevent erroneous connections, the DT4281 and DT4282 incorporate a shutter designed so that only the terminals needed for the measurement parameter in use are exposed when the user turns a rotary switch. This terminal shutter mechanism helps ensure proper insertion of measurement leads. HIOKI offers an extensive selection of measurement leads for different applications, boosting users’ ability to perform measurement in a way that meets their specific needs.
4.Backlit display to enable use in dark locations
Both the DT4281 and the DT4282 feature a backlit screen. The white backlight is activated by pressing a display button, allowing measured values to be read accurately, even in dark locations. Additionally, the display will turn red if a voltage of 1,000 V AC/DC or greater is input to the instrument, providing an easy-to-understand warning of a potentially hazardous situation.
5.Internal memory capable of storing up to 400 data points for increased measurement efficiency in on-site maintenance work
Both the DT4281 and the DT4282 can store up to 400 data points. This capability dramatically boosts work efficiency when performing a large number of measurements, for example in battery maintenance work. Additionally, the optional communications package can be used to download measurement data to a computer or save graph displays and data in real time.
6.Shock-resistant, drop-proof design
Both the DT4281 and the DT4282 feature a drop-proof design capable of withstanding a 1-meter fall onto a concrete surface.
7.Support for clamp sensors (DT4281 only)
The DT4281 can perform non-contact current measurement when used in combination with an optional clamp sensor

--- End quote ---

They release a new video (Japanese).... check out angle view for display...

Looks pretty good. I'd like to see Dave put it through its paces with his voltage standard and Keithly current sources then take the thing canyoning...  :-+ :-DMM  :scared: :-BROKE :palm:

Impressive, nice viewing angle, but a little gimmicky with the covers. Not much use if the leads are already in there.....

Otherwise I like the AC with DC offset readings, very useful indeed.

Well, you can't switch to that range untill you unplug the leads. It seems like a good idea to me.


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