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new killer scope in town - a true game changer from R&S - RTB2002 & RTB2004

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Hello folks - R&S is launching a new MSOX game changer - killer scope - likely at Embedded World - Nurnberg 2017 in Germany

R&S already placed some info on their public site:

First impressions are very positive, good screen, good interface and the little features like booting up is pretty quick.
The wavegen is powerful and as you'd expect from a scope with a 10 bit ADC, the FFT and measurements functions are impressive.

It comes with advanced features - rather low cost - it is a no brainer ...
pricing and further info:

More info can be found here:

Yabba Dabba Doo !

55 Cobblestone Road

Dead link.
I was promised one "before release" but they're cutting it a bit fine now...


No separate Y controls  :--
But plenty of buttons :-+

Looks like the touch menus etc. are at the top of the screen, not the bottom.  Not ideal (screen obscured by hand, fatigue) but maybe configurable?

Arjan Emm:
Link works for me. Datasheet is 50 pages,  first 33 pages are safety instructions in multiple languages. You got to be kidding me...

Edit, All 50 pages are  just safety regulations really.


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