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New multimeters from Brymen

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Some new multimeters from Brymen were released recently...
BM830 is also quite new probably.
Unfortunately, no low impedance (Auto check, LoZ) mode here.
So I am still happy with my BM829s bought in 2016.


The 2800 series looks interesting. Good specs, high safety, a backlight that stays on for 32 minutes...


Couldn't find a price yet though.

The 2805CSE finally arrived on the Brymen web site:

I figured out the numbering system:

"2805" is "second-generation 805" so this model is intended to replace the existing 805.

"CSE" is "CAT and Shielding Enhanced" - this meter has extra internal shielding.

Price is just over 100 Euros which seems about right. Looks like a good solid meter. Much better than eg. a Fluke 17B.

It claims fast autoranging with "speeded" Ohms and capacitance measurement. It has separate range selection for just about everything and they seem to have done away with the memory of the last-used ranges.

If you paint it yellow it's probably as good as an 87V for electricians.

(I wonder if there's an aftermarket for selling yellow boots that fit Brymen meters?)


--- Quote ---If you paint it yellow it's probably as good as an 87V for electricians.
--- End quote ---

Because the painting improves bandwidth, resolution and accuracy.


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