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I am sure this topic has been covered before but their seems to be so much information and of course with technology moving and prices changing I wanted a fresh look at this.

Basically I need to replace two very old oscilloscopes (Phillips Dual time base scopes, late 80's) with something a bit more up to date and modern.

The model I have been looking is a Keysight DSOX1202G or maybe a Keysight DSOX2002A.
I only want this for general purpose use, and do not really need any protocol analysis as I have other logic tools (Saleae).

Most of my projects are digital based with embeded MCU's and a multitude of inputs from sensors etc, mainly passing through ADC's and DAC's and filters etc with some op-amp stuff for signal conditioning and the like.

So my questions is really, what scope would you recommend? Added maths and other functions would be nice. Two channels is all I need but 4 would be a bonus, maybe 70Mhz would be ok but higher the better for future projects.
I was also looking for something with as big a screen as I can get for that sort of money.




--- Quote from: hobbyelectronics on April 20, 2021, 06:57:11 pm ---Most of my projects are digital based with embeded MCU's and a multitude of inputs from sensors etc, mainly passing through ADC's and DAC's and filters etc with some op-amp stuff for signal conditioning and the like.

--- End quote ---

I'd say 4 channels is important for that sort of work. In theory you can do anything with just 2 channels but 4 channels really reduces the amount of probe movements.

A DSOX1204G costs less than a DSOX2002A, so... I say go for 4 channels.

Jeff C:
What's your budget? Since you listed the DSOX2002A I would assume its around $1500 USD.

That being said, for that price you could also look at the Rigol MSO 5000 for around $1000 USD or the Siglent SDS2104x Plus for around $1400 USD. Both scopes are 4 channels, have an MSO option, and there are threads on the form on how to make DIY Logic analyzer probes.

I personally own the SDS2104x Plus. The hack was very simple and it unlocks all the options. I've read that the Rigol can be kind of tricky because you have to edit some configuration file in the linux OS to hack it, but with the siglent there is a simple python script. The siglent also has an auto probe interface, 50 ohm termination, and 200 MPts of storage. There are a lot more specs to both scopes, so do some research on the internet and on the threads I've linked below

Thread for Siglent SDS2000X Plus:

Thread for Rigol MSO 5000:

Thread comparing Siglent SDS2104x Plus and Rigol MSO 5000

Siglent Hack:

Rigol Hack:

DIY Siglent Logic Analyser Probes:

DIY Rigol Probes:

edit: added more links

For your purpose I'd get a 4 channel scope all day long. The screen on the MicSig STO1000 series is pretty big and it has very little noise which is nice for dealing with analog circuits. This model also has signal filtering which is nice to have when dealing with signal processing circuits; you can check on the oscilloscope whether filtering is going to improve a signal or you can filter out unwanted high or low frequency spurs.

And don't underestimate the power of having decoding on an oscilloscope. With a logic analyser you can only see the digital domain while problems are often only visible in the analog domain. Many years ago I was involved in a project in which another engineer spend 2 or 3 weeks trying to fix a communication problem on an RS485 bus. In the end I went over to see what the problem was. He was using the digital channels on his oscilloscope so the first thing I did was using the analog channels and the cause of the problem was right in front of us immediately. It took less than half an hour to fix the problem from there.

First: don't buy DSOX2002A. That is worst scope for the money in the world. For same money you can get DSOX1204G from Keysight that is better scope, and has Siggen. That is if it has to be Keysight.
There are many other choices, many with interesting advantages to said Keysights.

Take a look at scopes Jeff C and NctNico mentioned. As Nico said, don't dismiss mixed signal scopes, they can be life savers.
Decoding on the scope is not important for long sequences of decoding communication software level. They are useful for correlation of messages with analog world.
For instance correlating I2C frame with wrong message to sag on power line. With logic analyser decoding you only see errored frame not the cause.

Big screen?  Micsig is interesting little thing with screen bigger than Keysights, both Rigol MSO5000 (9") and Siglent SDS2104X+ (10") have bigger screen, touch and are level up in anything Keysight has less than MSOX3000T series.

I would do a bit of research before making decision.


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