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--- Quote from: Trader on October 20, 2021, 08:50:06 pm ---Seems the Rigol DG2102 has the same specs from Rigol DG992, but it's cheaper.

I wonder why, is there some tech difference?

--- End quote ---

I have the same question.  The DG2102 also has ethernet, and the bumpers which make it stackable.  What are we missing?

Good Day,

my fellow T&M enthusiasts - I am excited to get my DG811 that came with Firmware v00. "upgraded" soon. And I am very thankful for tv84's hard work and the tips other users have given earlier. Great job!

However, please may I ask you for your help as I cannot get the described method to work. I am clearly missing sth., but I am stuck at this point.

I have followed Vtech's summary, as confirmed by tv84:

* Step 1 "downgrade to version 1.08 " completed w/o any problems. I have used the Firmware and I can confirm that the downgrade to FW version 1.0.8 works. I was happy to see that this has yielded to a DG992 with the default serial number. The unit identifies itself via USB as"Rigol Technologies,DG992,DG80000000001,"
* Step 2 Prepare a "magic" USB stick. Completed. Triple checked that the magic byte code sequence is present at offset decimal 2 000 000 on a 2 GByte FAT32-formatted, empty USB stick. Tried another 1 GByte and a 16 GByte stick, with no change.
* Step 3 insert the magic stick into DG, change serial number and confirm DG model via remote control. This fails. I have tried this with the following Software. May I add that I am generally familiar with the remote controlling of instruments: NI MAX from National Instruments, Rigol's Ultra Sigma and Tektronix' Open Choice Talker Listener. The problem is that the ":PROJ:SN DG8A123456789" command simply fails.

Failure symptoms:

1) No reaction upon insertion of the USB stick. It gets detected and the USB symbol is present on the upper right corner of the display after a while.
2) After sending/writing the ":PROJ:SN DG8A123456789" command, the serial number did not change at all.  :-//
When I query "SYST:ERROR?", the DG responds with "-220,"Parameter error". I have confimed that the number of characters is correct "DG8A123456789".
I have tried all kind of syntax options including the omission of the ":", extra codes for the space character between the "SN" and the serial number and various termination characters - with the same error.
I have also tried to "*RST" and *CLS" the device after initial connection and confirmed that the ""SYST:ERROR?" respond was "No Error" before trying the ":PROJ:SN DG8A123456789". Again, all this was when running Firmware release version

Did any other user succeeded with a DG811 with original Firmware v00. with this upgrade hack - or have Rigol managed to fix this with this FW?

My second question would be: tv84's "" file from this link:;attach=1021788 is only 2,084 bytes, i.e. 2 kBytes. Please can you confirm that this is actually correct?
I am asking this as there is no Pop Up message upon insertion of the flash drive on my DG.

Any pointers would be much appreciated.

Thank you and have a fine day.



To your second question about "":
A few pages earlier tv84 said: I've said it before: Finish_Upgrade should be used only by people that have a DG which came initially with v2.04. It doesn't do harm to others but it also doesn't do any good.
I hope this helps.


To the 1st question: I think it must be a USB drive thing. You must change USB and make sure the sector is as I explained. If the uSB disk sector is recognized the command must be accepted.

Once you lower to 1.08, the machine has no way of knowing that it came from 2.06 or else... In the 1.08 days none of those versions existed!

BTW, use the original method.

Good Day,

thank you for your prompt advice. Your tips are much appreciated.  :)

Ok, so let me roll back to FW release 1.08 and then try two new magic USB sticks I have purchased today. I shall let you know shortly...




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