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--- Quote from: markus_jlrb on July 07, 2023, 08:08:37 pm ---One problem appear as I have powered the demo board from the internal DSO USB connector,
so that at the same time I was not able to plug in the USB stick to save the screen shot.

I was not keen to power the demo board from a external psu as in this case the ground
layer is connected to the DSO ground.

Perhaps a USB hub will be the proper solution for this problem.


--- End quote ---
You do have another USB A socket on the rear......maybe not if you have SDS1202X-E.
Yes I have used a USB hub for these needs.

Yepp, a few hours ago I had the same "problem"... ;D
Then "wait a minute, is there another one on the back...ahh..."  8)
(You can see it on the picture, ok...not so clear)
This little puppy, I like it !

Good hint tautech, indeed I have missed this.

Have only recognized the USB-B plug on the rear side and overseen the USB-A.

Demo board is now connected to the read side.

Thanks again.


The "HF" tests, now with siglent sds1104X-E..


--- Quote from: pdenisowski on June 10, 2023, 09:48:08 pm ---In my experience, most people aren't aware of all the different ways of using XY mode.

--- End quote ---

Indeed, I didn't think about using X-Y mode to see IQ patterns. And happy to see that my basic SDS1204X-E does the job well on 256QAM. This makes nice screenshots, quite artistic. Thank you for your video and taking the time to explain.


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