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New Siglent 2104X Plus -A Mistake?

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FWIW I've had IP conflict issues and setting it higher fixes that.
I use DHCP to initially get everything set then advance higher to a .150+ range.
Timezone has been an ongoing issue although I believe that depends on what is set. In an earlier FW it was a problem and for a while we installed a FW beta before it was publicly released....other models with the same UI are no problem.
Power button behaviour is identical on all models.....remember these are a small PC which of any type need be shut down correctly.

Siglent is always grateful for quality feedback and suggested improvements on any issue.


--- Quote ---.other models with the same UI are no problem.
--- End quote ---

HD got the same problem but I´m looking forward it will be gone with the next update.


--- Quote from: Ray CI on June 10, 2023, 03:03:55 pm ---Do you use DHCP or statically configured LAN settings?
Is the IP address high-up or low in the subnet range?  (high example w/Class C  x.y.z.200, low example x.y.z.75).

--- End quote ---

I use static IPs for stuff like this. For one thing, I control it from my web browser frequently. I have the IP address bookmarked. I don't want DHCP to change it on me and then I have to go look for it. Or why bother setting the IP permanently from the router, if I can just static route it in the first place? My DHCP has a set range, and my static devices are outside of it. It's in the 250 range for the IP.

For example, today I was trying to track down a firmware bug in a test device, and the device is controlled from an app on my computer. Rather than going back and forth from desk to bench, I can sit on my ass and do it all on my split screens. I can even run the scope full screen if I want (27" oscilloscope screen?? yeah, why not).

I understand the desire for all things to function properly, but the DHCP thing is a bug that will eventually be fixed. Same with the timezone thing; it's a known bug, and they'll get to it. On the off chance that the DHCP settings are a hardware bug, that's what the warranty is for. That's less likely though.

Even $20,000 test gear has bugs. It's life. Like I said before, the only bug that bothers me right now is that stupid save file info box. It will certainly be fixed, and until then I can ignore it. Or capture from my web browser which doesn't bring up that info box.

Ray CI:

Thanks for the dialogue folks...  Here are a few comments/replies:


The concept of DHCP and DNS is so you don't have to remember IP addresses and you don't have to worry about duplicating an IP address on more than one device.
Goes like this:
1) Assign a user friendly name at the device's console and enable DHCP.
2) Device boots, discovers DHCP server/router, gets an IP address from the DHCP server/router and also tells the DHCP server/router the assigned name of the device.
3) DHCP on the server/router tells DNS (Domain Name Server) to remember a mapping between the host's name and the currently assigned IP address. The DNS function is done by your local router.  Anytime someone uses that name, DNS will automatically convert the name to an IP address. 
4) From this point on, you can reference the device by name instead of remembering it's static IP address.

e.g.  At the scope's console, I named my scope "SigScope".  If DHCP was working properly, I could reference my scope by name such as:
> ping SigScope

So, at the current time, I do have this working by creating a statically assigned DHCP mapping in my router and also manually creating a name mapping in the DNS config.   If Siglent fixes their DHCP bug, I'll remove those manual mappings and it will work properly.

Also, well aware that most software has bugs.  I wrote firmware for medical devices and have a very high expectation of quality.   Also wrote firmware for routers whose interface cards cost about $125,000 each.  -Again, known bug count was very, very low.   I'm coming from a Tek2245 and a brief stint with a Hantek 2ch 150Mhz scope.   When the Siglent showed signs of software failure with 35 year old IP protocols, my heart sank.



Thanks for passing that info along.  Good to know I'm not suffering alone.



Again, good to know these problems are not specific to my unit.  I was thinking I had some bad flash memory etc.

Neither the user manual or quick start guide mention any specific behaviors about long/short press with the power switch.  Had I known that, my diagnostic efforts would have been minimized.

I'll send the info I gleaned to the Distributor and he can forward it to Siglent NA.  I'm a little miffed with Siglent NA because they dropped me like a hot potato.  All my emails were cordial and all I asked was if these were known problems.  I was about to return the scope because they did not reply and I didn't want to get stuck with a $2000 lemon (I paid for the power analysis software and AWG license too).   I'll buy the DSO option now that I know what's going on here.


Remember the IP address? Nah, that's what bookmarks and browser syncing is for. There's more than one way to skin an IP. 😉

Either way should work (in theory), but static is more reliable IME.


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