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New Siglent 2104X Plus -A Mistake?

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Ray CI:


Last week, I took possession of a new Siglent 2104 X Plus scope.  In the first 15 minutes of use, I was struggling to get the unit configured on the LAN and could not get the clock/date/timezone to maintain the configuration.  When DHCP is enabled for LAN configuration, the unit randomly responds to ping but usually times-out or experiences 50% packet loss.   Also, when I save a setup file with various channel configurations, the scope does not fully restore all settings.  Same thing happens when the unit is powered off/on.

These problems do not instill in me a sense of confidence.  I've got the sinking feeling I just made a big financial mistake.

Curious... Are these problems common with Siglent scopes?  Do the Rigol units have the same issues?



PS:  There is nothing wrong with the LAN or configuration settings.  -Just trust me on this.

Does everything work normally except for your LAN issues?  It doesn't really sound like it--the RTC should keep your date/time/etc information through power cycles and the scope should remember the way it was set up before powering down.  Are you using the soft-power-off to shut it down?  Are you disconnecting mains power when you shut it off?

I've not had any problem with mine, but I'm using a static IP address.  Not sure if that will help but it's probably worth a try.

Why not using the big, big siglent 2k+ thread... :-//

Old Printer:
I wrestled with mine a bit when I first got it, an SDS1104X-E. It's been a few years and I don't recall the details, but Tautech quickly helped me get it sorted. I am sure he will be along shortly. I would buy another Siglent just because of his knowledgeable help. I think you will find it a good investment once you get it sorted.


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