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New toy(?) scope Fnirsi DPOX180H, claimed 180MHz/500MSps (May 2023)

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New toy(?) scope from Fnirsi, DPOX180H:
- claimed 180HMz (-3dB) and 500MSps
- two channels
- 5mV-10V/div, 5nS-50S
- 20MHz signal generator
- 2.8" screen
- (initial) price $140

It certainly looks good.
I'm curious about the first tests, whether it works as well as it seems in the video.

EDIT: Here is one:

EDIT: Another one (RU):

interesting  ....

Ordered one. Will arrive early June.

A PCB screendump from the youtube video:
- Allwinner F1C100s SoC
- Anlogic EF2L45LG144B FPGA
- two unidentified AD(?) converters
IIRC, quite similar to the 1013d and 1014d.
Wonder if the real bandwidth is ~30MHz like the others, or if they have
done some new developments? At least they don't claim it's 1GSps.


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