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New UNI-T portable spectrum analyser UTS1000


Looks like UNI-T has launched a portable spectrum analyzer which is quite similar in design to the Rhode & Schwarz FSH4.
I don't know if the specs are any good, but it will probably sell for a fraction of the price.

OH NO ! My bank account balance is in jeopardy !

I need a decent portable SA and that looks like a nice design. I very much doubt that UNI-T make the internals as an SA is a long way away from their usual product lines and SA RF technology is a bit of a black art.... read expensive to develop from scratch.

The company also makes a range of desktop analyzers, up to 3 GHz. They seem to be pushing the envelope in all directions, perhaps hoping to move into Rigol territory.
I don't know if there are made in house, but there are few OEM manufacturers in China making such advanced equipment, apart from Rigol.


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