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New firmware for SHS1000/800X models.

Version V1.1.21R3
11 MB

Release notes
1. Optimize the response of the universal knob
2. Optimize the selection strategy of the universal knob in level adjustment and displacement adjustment
3. Optimize the beep response time of the DMM continuity test
4. Optimize the response strategy of the shift button in recorder mode
5. Fixed several bugs
  a) The horizontal and vertical displacement keys do not respond when they are short-pressed
  b) File manager is not updated in time after the U disk is unplugged
  c) Bugs under CAN decoding
  d) Some bugs under the Navigate function
  e) Offset adjusts the wrong channel bugs
  f) Multimeter cannot reading small capacitance in the 40nf range
  g) Wrong corner display after repeated version upgrades
  h) Cannot enter the Meter using the SCPI command
  i) Some help information description error


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