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Nicolet 2090 III digital scope need basic set help or manual.

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Just picked up a nice very, very clean one (from 1978?) and Variaced it on and seems to work except that I can't set it to display a trace but I see random pattern of dots, nice bright display with numerics. All the different settings I've tried won't make a trace.
In the PEN Function I see the spot moving up the left side of the crt then partially across the top of the screen and down.
I hope it's just a problem with the basic set up and if anyone can guide me I'd sure like to see if I can get a trace and some other functions if it's operational. On reflection I think it might be the vertical section but I hope it's my ignorance on set up.

Wouldn't really know and probably doesn't make any difference,
if you assume lower left is channel B, and you've set channel A as trigger.

Thanks for looking and you are correct on both points and and figured someone would catch something.
Here's a proper setting pic.

Amazing that it still works.   I briefly used a Nicolet Med-80  and did a little programming on one around 1984.    It was a few years old and waay out of date --   It was a 20-bit machine with core memory.  The display was in a Tek 5000 series mainframe.  There was an 8" floppy and it also had a paper tape reader.     Most programs were on paper tape. 

It was an odd thing - partly hardwired like a DSO and partly programmable like an old mini computer.

It did DSO stuff but mostly was used as a signal averager.    The A/D module had 'scope like controls and a 50kHz sampling rate.    It could also play Pong.  Knobs on the Med-80 moved the paddles.   Display was on the Tektronix 'scope.

Got a couple of more traces from trial and error settings.  If you look closely at the dim display you can see the peaks of a squished  sine wave.  I hope it's a setup problem but I still think;s related to the input.  Still hoping for help.


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