Author Topic: Old Equipment (Keithley 220) and current GPIB Adapter/Interface  (Read 1253 times)

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I have no experience at all on the magic IE488 interface, and I need to start to play with it.

I did my homework and this post was a winner:

Looks like the F82357 Beiming is the way to go for me:

but.. let me post my concerns before I buy it. This is a fairly recent adapter and the oldest GPIB test equipment I have is the glorious Kethley 220.
Now, I smell a worst case in the air: will the F82357 work also with such a old device? Moreover, in general, is there some black magic which can ruin your 2014 day with an old IE488 1980 interface?

I take the risk to post a stupid question, if this is the case sorry for that.

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