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Oscilloscope Music on DSOs- Post your Results

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The topic seems to be of interest at the moment, I also think it's a nice gimmick and it's a shame that the results will "sink" into the respective oscilloscope threads.
Hence this thread for it.
Post your results, name the settings, the "music" material used...
I will post my results with the SDS824X HD here again this weekend. 8)


Here's a copy of my test from the 2kX+ thread:

I bought a copy of OsciStudio to test this out, and eventually make a very stupid video.

In the meantime, it was useful to test both refresh rates and audio frequency effect on the XY results:

The first section is more obvious, that's scrolling through refresh rates (first 50 seconds). The last 30 seconds is screwing around with the frequency of the shape. Chris's tutorial shows him using A1 at 55Hz, which is (one of the reasons) why my results aren't as great with his music. A4 at 440Hz (and really most notes over ~100Hz) show much greater stability on my scope.

Here's my original video with the music:

10kpts for the memory to keep it faster/smoother. Going up higher either adds weird thickness, or slows it down. Timebase: 10bits, 100us/div, 10kpts, 10MSa/s; channels at  DC50, 300mV/div.

Member TopQuark's excellent work with SDS2504X HD

--- Quote from: TopQuark on April 12, 2024, 05:40:37 pm ---Inspired by KungFuJosh (

I tried making oscilloscope music with the SDS2000X HD, the results are great, much better than I anticipated.

Scope settings:
Input settings (CH1, CH2) : 50-ohm termination, DC coupled, 20M BW limit
Timebase : 1 ms/div, 1 MSa/s, 10 kpts memory
Trigger : Normal, alternating edge, CH1, AC coupled, 0V offset
Acquire : XY mode (duh!)

Reference video produced with Oscilloscope! on a Macbook Pro 14

Audio DAC : Fiio KA3 @ 96.0 kHz, 24 bit, 3.5mm stereo output into coax and scope 50 ohm input

--- End quote ---

This looks even better than the SDS800X HD.
What might be the reason for this, the sound file, its resolution?

oscillofun by Atom Delta on AD2, settings are visible on screen, auto trigger, 220mV/, 2ms/, 8k points at 400ksps

oscillofun on Owon VDS1022i, settings also visible, auto trigger, 500mV/, 1ms/, 5k points at 250ksps

potential is forever by Chris Allen on AD2, settings are not visible, no trigger, 400mV/, 2ms/, 8k points at 400ksps

not music but a chaotic attractor, which also makes cool XY plots, AD2, settings also visible, auto trigger, channel 1 200mV/, channel 2 1V/, 2ms/, 16k samples at 800ksps


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