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Ouch! Did the chip shortage hit TE prices too?

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Was looking at the KS eBay store and it seems like prices are quite a bit higher than when I checked about a year and a bit ago.  One of the items that I've been debating is now a whopping ~50% more than it was before.  Did the chip shortage hit test equipment prices as well, or is this just a change in KS's pricing structure?


Inflation has gone crazy with many things, why not TE?

There is an mild form of hyper-inflation going on that is slowly expanding to more markets and goods.

Today i noticed that a JBC CD-2BQF soldering station is now 90 euros (100+ dollar) more expensive then one year ago. I also saw that the bench multimeter i had bought 1 1/2 years ago is now 180 euros (200+ dollar) more expensive. That's for a meter that costs just arround 1000...1100 euros a big increase.

Even on aliexpress where i bought solder and desoldering wick, the price for one rol has gone up from 17 euros to 32 euros. That's way more then the eu vat that they now standard add.

I just bought a gw instek multimeter gdm-8341 to compliment my 8351 and 8361, because the shop told me they are going to increase the gwinstek prices when the next shipment arrives, that is scheduled for next week. Better not wait then.


It seems to me that "they" have amassed so much debt that inflation is the only way out of the pit...  "they" wanted it, and now it's here... in spades!  :D

Reminds me to the french fries place I was going in Belgium. One year the price of the fries went up by 50 cents. Asked the owner, what's the reason? "Oh potato price went up". Oh for sure, it must have go up by 400-500% because that's how it would translate to the price of one serving.
It's usually just a good excuse to raise the prices.


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