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OWON CM2100B, is Uni-t ut210e inspired?

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Hi, I see the new Owon C2100B is a current clamp with similar specs to ut210e, but with ensanched specs, but example, is 20000 counts model, it has bluetooth, and measure frequency. ut210e pro also measure frequency, but it has less counts. Does anyone know anything about this product?

Prices' from an EU perspective (incl.25% VAT) seem to be around 40US for CM2100 & 58US for CM2100B (Harald Blåtand variant), so a tad more than UT210E, but also better specs.



Take the BT feature with a pinch of salt, OWONs app tends to be a mess and with no incentive to fix it, - their app-graphing feature on their multimeter-line 35series and 41series was bonafide broken, and would dance around wrongful segment values, and with no locked orientation on the graphing - at least that was the case in 2015/2016, - just checked the one on Google play, it's the same mess in 2023.
was this app
Though the update rate, was not that bad for BT4.0 BLE in 2016
Does not look like you can combine, the clamp meter with Owon DMMs, unless you have two different apps open, "Owons Multimeter BLE4.0 app" & "Owon IMeter app" that seems to be locked to only this clampmeter (CM2100B).. shame.

cirquit boards

I can see in the video, the owon is not has input protections at least like ut210e, ok, I will go with ut210e.

I recently found the non-BT version on Amazon (US) for $30. There's not a lot of information on the web yet about this meter, so in case it helps anyone:

* I bought this primarily for low current DC work. With proper zeroing, I found that accuracy in the 2A range is about 0.5%±3 counts on my unit, testing all the way from 1mA to 2000mA.
* Low AC current accuracy seems similar to DC. Readings are within the specified ±3% up to 2kHz and the -3dB point is 3.2kHz.

* I don't care much about the other features, but I also tested DC voltage, and found it accurate to better than 0.1% between 1V and 20V. There are a few usability quirks and annoyances:

* The meter beeps whenever you change range or push any button. I can't find a way to disable this.
* Voltage defaults to DC, but current defaults to AC
* The NCV alert takes about a second or two to trigger, so you have to make sure not to move the meter away too fast

Here's a video comparing it to the UT210E:

Seems like OWON skimped on the protection side, which is a bummer. Even their high-end model (B41T+) have a very basic input protection.


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