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Owon SDS7102 OS X client software


I picked up an Owon SDS7102 last week (the new version seems to address most of the criticisms I saw, it has a big display, and an ethernet port... and it was available, scratching my immediate gratification itch).   As I plan on using it to write a series of weblog posts about hacking and trouble-shooting using the [holy cow! these things are cheap compared to 'scopes of 20 years ago! wow!] digital storage scopes, I wanted to grab screenshots and data over the LAN port.

No surprise, there was no OS X software and documentation is lacking.   However, it wasn't hard to figure out.    End result is that I have code that can grab data and screenshots from the Owon scopes.  It decodes a summary of the data right now and I'm working on full to-CSV export over the coming week or so.

I'll be dropping it on Github under a liberal license (MIT).  It should be easy to compile for iOS, too.  If anyone is interested in it, respond here or ping me.

The attached image was grabbed from the terminal with the command "ow net screen /tmp/screen.bmp" (and subsequently renamed).


I was preparing to do something similar for Windows as a learning experience one of these weeks.

 If you'd be willing to share the link to the github repository, it would be great.

I have just got an SDS7102 and I'm interested in your software -- a bitbucket or github repo would be great.

Best wishes,

I've been meaning to push this out for a couple of days with some refinements, etc... yeah... didn't happen.

So, here you go:

Let me know if you have any problems with it.   Github bugs/feedback welcome (as is direct email).


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