Author Topic: Philips PM 3305 analog + memory oscilloscope 1986 - inside photos  (Read 2768 times)

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While working on this Philips oscilloscope of 1986 (based on the newest component date, they range from 1980 for the Intel parts to 1986 for the 74xx ICs), I took pictures of the insides.

You can see the scope is from a different era. Loads of prints and components fighting for the space next to the CRT. It is a hybrid model, an analog scope with sampling and digital storage. There is no menu and it does not show measurements on screen. My scope has the IEEE bus extension installed.

The scope is 2 channel in analog mode, and 4 channel in digital (there are two extra channels C and D with limited functionality on the back of the scope.
When using its capability to freeze an image of the 4 digital channels and playing with the Y position, you can show and compare up to 8 signals (4 from memory, 4 realtime).

The scope is showing its age. The power supply failed last year, and the time base is starting to develop issues.

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