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Pomona SOIC test clips
« on: November 18, 2013, 09:29:51 pm »
I bought a pair of Pomona 8 pin SOIC test clips(part no. 5250) sometime ago and finally got around to play with them yesterday.  Only after about a dozen clips, one of the leaf contacts felt like it caught on a pin and ripped out.  :( The contact was permanently bent upwards and there was no way to bend it back.  After taking the clip apart,  I didn't have any confidence in the method that was used to secure down the leafs.  It looked weakly melted into position.   :palm:  To remedy the problem, I put a blob of epoxy over that area. For the bent leaf, I held it down with a tip of a small screw driver while it cured.  :-+  I had a look this morning and it appears that I  messed up one side. The epoxy flowed too far forward which inhibited the movement for a couple of the leafs.    The clip no longer sits flush to the board and rides up one  side of the chip.  Oh well.   

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