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power resistor dummy load for PSU testing

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I found a nice and cheap power resistor for load testings. 500W/8ohm for EUR 17:

Currently I use it for testing my new Siglent SPD3303D and so far the PSU survived 32V/4A (=128W) for an hour. A detailed review will follow.

But the 500W rating of the resistor is very optimistic: It got very hot after some minutes when I tried it, (up to 100°C). Maybe it is the usual PMPO audiphool rating? :) Then I mounted it on a 4cm thick aluminium block (with lots of thermal grease) :

and now it gets 70°C after an hour and the block gets 35°C at the edges (@25°C room temperature).

What do you use for PSU testing and for power supply circuit testing? Electronic loads are nice, but you could buy 20 resistors for the price of one of these devices, and a resistor works for AC, too, which is even more expensive for electronic loads.

You mean like this guy?

Dummy load resistor by SeanB_ZA, on Flickr

Nice, even adjustable. What are the specifications and dimensions?

IIRC it is a 10R 100W unit.

It has a companion of a 1R5 50W unit.

Resistor in case by SeanB_ZA, on Flickr

Aluminium clad Welwyn wirewound power resistors, dunked in a glass container filled with water (distilled or tap water to taste). >:D

The resistors can survive being boiled forever, as long as you remember to pull them up hot. This prevents water from being sucked through any cracks in the glass seals as the resistor cools.

No need for a base plate. Just use resistors with appropriate power ratings.


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