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power supply purchasing help required :P

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so I wanted to purchase some power supply but didn't know what , so I stumbeld acoss that AMREL power supply ( link : )

if you can suggest that power supply I'll be glad to hear , though I do need you to tell me anything whos wrong with it ( hope not A-lot :P )

thank you in advance ! :)

Calibration is due in 2013.
The power supply was manufactured by a Taiwanese company (Motech)for AmRel.

DOM'T YOU DEAR TOUCHINZ TOUCE CHEAPEE POWEL SUPPRIES ! , they arse rear clap , youll reglet it fork sue !

Looks like it's got some pretty hefty heatsinking if you look through the grill you can spot it.


I Have one in my work , the ebay link is just for the picture

the one in the work look okay and no need to worry , I actually asked you as for the modal himself , can you spot any bad poins ?

PS , Bravov , I can't understand your point . please make it clearer  :palm:


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